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How to Stay Warm on a Winter Tour

Boston in the winter isn't always for the faint of heart. New Englanders take pride in their hearty nature, and we bundle up for months out of the year to stave off the cold. Boston Town Crier runs all year long, Thursdays through Sundays at 9:30 and 12:30 through the winter. This means you can still walk the Freedom Trail with us even on a cold day! Be sure to stay safe and warm, though. Here's some tips on how to stay insulated like a Bostonian:

  1. Carry a warm beverage on the go- There's plenty of coffee shops around to grab a coffee, tea, or even hot water that you can use to warm yourself up.

  2. Hand warmers - These handy helpers can fit right into your gloves or mittens to keep your fingers from freezing.

  3. Dress appropriately- On cold days, wear a winter coat, hat, mittens, and a neck warmer or scarf. You won't regret wearing layers.

  4. Walk it off- Walking on the tour will help you generate some heat. So while we do stop to observe and learn history on the tour, you'll still be moving around quite a bit!

Stay warm, we can't wait to tour with you!

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