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Stop 15: Bunker Hill Monument

The last stop of the Freedom Trail is upon us, thanks for walking with us! Last, but surely not least, the Bunker Hill Monument stands nearly 300 steps high in Charlestown, MA. It's made of granite, 6,700 tons of it!

Interestingly, the monument actually lies upon Breed's Hill, not Bunker. It was erected, however, in honor of the New England militia who battled upon Bunker Hill against the British during the Revolutionary War. The battle itself was over Bunker Hill, whereas the battle itself took place where the monument stands. It is a great observation point of Boston, so be sure to get a look up there if you can!

The monument grounds are still maintained, and you can visit during business hours during the year, besides holidays. We'll walk you all the way through history there and give you an even more in-depth look into what took place in this very spot hundreds of years ago.

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