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I Need Some Energy Before My Tour!

Maybe you had a red-eye flight last night and your Freedom Trail walking tour with Boston Town Crier is this morning. Or maybe it was a fun-filled morning and you need a little pick-me-up before taking in all the Revolutionary history you're about to embark on. Either way, we feel for you. It can be a hassle trying to find a place close by that has a quick bite or good quality cup of coffee, so we decided to help you out and share some of our favorites. (Disclosure, none of these are paid promotions.)

Easy breakfast, snacks, coffee, and beverages near Boston Common:

  1. Thinking Cup - High-end, good quality pastries, snacks, espresso, and more. Dine-in available.

  2. Tatte- Popular bakery and cafe, known for their pastries

  3. Starbucks- A staple for some, yes there is a Starbucks nearby! Perfect for a to-go beverage or snack.

  4. Cafe Bonjour- If you have a little more time, consider brunching here over an egg sandwich and some coffee.

  5. Dunkin'- How could we miss a Boston classic, Dunkin' Donuts. It's right across from the meeting spot for our tours, so it'll help guide you in the right direction to make your tour even more seamless.

We hope this helps make it a little easier for you to find somewhere to re-energize before you join us for a memorable walk in our beautiful city of Boston. See you on the trail!

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