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Stop 10: Faneuil Hall

If you ask a Bostonian the first thing they think of when they hear "Faneuil Hall," you're likely to get a broad range of answers. "Cheers," shopping, clam chowder, street performers, and the list could go on! Tourists and locals flock to this marketplace throughout all the seasons of the year. Whether it be during a stroll on a sunny, warm day or to check out the holiday lights in December, there is always something worth visiting Faneuil Hall for. That it's still a bustling site in the current day is certainly impressive considering it was first built way back in 1741. Back then, merchants of all kinds would sell goods and commerce. In addition to this, it was also a common meeting spot for the Sons of Liberty. The Sugar Act was protested for the first time at Faneuil Hall and many famous orators have spoken at this site throughout history. It's been through a lot of reconstruction and repair in the past few hundred years, but know then while you're walking around today, there is boundless history right under your feet.

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